About Us

As one of the leading provider of skip bins in the Cessnock area, we make sure that our customers get only the best service at the best rate possible. It is our commitment to provide bin hire and rubbish removal from individuals to builders and contractors.

Our team

Bulk Skip Bin Hire is comprised of quite a reliable and experienced team. We at Bulk take pride in what we do. We believe that helping people eliminate their clutter and rubbish is a noble profession. That is why our experienced and professional team members are happy to serve you by making sure that you have skip bins for your rubbish removal and waste management activities.

What we offer

At Bulk Skip Bin Hire, we offer our clients outstanding customer service, and that is our top priority. We may not be the biggest skip bins service provider in the area just yet, but we make sure that customer satisfaction is achieved every single time. It is with this commitment that we make sure that you get the service you contracted.

More importantly, we provide our clients with competitive rates. Rubbish removal and skip bin hire don’t need to cost a lot. For a reasonable budget, we know that we can come up with terms that we can both agree on.

Where does my rubbish go

Sustaining the beauty of the world we live in is one of the principles of our business. It is our duty not just to our clients but also to the environment to get rid of your rubbish properly. When you contract the service of Bulk Skip Bin Hire, we make sure that your waste doesn’t end up in places where it is not supposed to be dumped. Bulk ensures that a big chunk of your rubbish will be recycled in a local waste transfer section. By hiring our services, you too will take part in conserving the environment because you are assured that the rubbish we remove does not contribute to polluting the world we live in.

Guaranteed to get rid of all your rubbish, Bulk Skip Bin Hire is your service provider for all your skip bin needs.  We are your mixed and heavy load specialists in Cessnock. Whether you just want to get rid of your old stuff or you are a contractor who just finished a project, we are glad to be of service. From renovations and landscaping to your waste management projects, you can count on Bulk Skip Bin Hire to help you with rubbish removal and skip bins for hire.

Professional service guaranteed

As your friendly neighbourhood skip bins provider, Bulk Skip Bin Hire sees to it that we attend to your urgent and not-so-urgent needs for rubbish removal in the Cessnock area. Because we are located in the same area as you, you are guaranteed that quality and efficiency will not be compromised.

As your reliable local company, we do not want our neighbours to get substandard service. And as a locally owned and operated business, you can expect that we offer reasonable and competitive rates than bigger, multinational companies offering the same services. Here at Bulk Skip Bin Hire, you are assured that what we offer is the best there is because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Services we offer

Bulk Skip Bin Hire offers a variety of skip bin sizes. From 3 cubic metres to 20 cubic metres, we have the right size for the amount of load and the type of waste that you want to remove. Bulk Skip Bin Hire deals with all sorts of waste and you can easily contact us if you are looking at removing rubbish from your garage, backyard, kitchen, or if you demolished the whole lot. We can provide the appropriate skip bin for the weight capacity and type of waste that you want to get rid of. Our team of experienced rubbish removal experts will make sure that the job at hand will be handled efficiently without wasting precious time.